Master Plan' design competition


Hamdard has its own good-will established in our country through quite a long period of time.

Along with its long-established good-will, they have aspired for an University, which is quite

unique in approach as unique their long effort of service for the people.

Keeping this in mind, travelling physically & in mind-eye, we have tried to carve-out a Master

Plan inspired out of their functional need, their name & forces from the site herself.

We have endeavored to recreate a campus of unity & variety with an emphasis on pedestrian

connectivity, outdoor lateral-educational motivations, helping out the Phase-Development in


The open spaces, the River-Front promenade, the educational campus, the ritual axis, the

extra-curricular, extra-mural outdoor axes travelling from educational pressings to the river

bank…… all calling for a all-day active lively atmosphere…… translating the phase-wise growth

through the tools of MASTER PLANNING.

We dreamed that the nation shall applaud the creation when grown day by day in reality….

The proposed design for Agrani Bank Bhaban by DWm4 Architects generates from a few basic

architectural considerations. The design aspires to be simple, strong and direct. The attempt is

to create a form that communicates a sense of stability appropriate for the state-owned financial


A courtyard forms the focus of the composition – in both graphical and experiential senses. It

generates North-South openings for internal spaces and can be experienced from different

levels. The long West façade is blocked.

The immediate site context has high-density developments of mixed-use nature. It is thought

that the strongly defined orthogonal edges of the building will stand out from the confusion of

haphazard developments. The landscape at the entrance area defines the relationship with the

street at ground level– creating a semi-public space in between the building form and the street.

The North elevation expresses the main three functional zones of internal spaces and apertures

in West elevation relate to functions immediately behind them. East elevation is designed

considering the nature of the development of the neighboring plot.