IAB delegates called on Hon'ble Mayor of DSCC


IAB delegation headed by President Ar. Kazi Golam Nasir called on Md. Sayeed Khokon, Hon'ble Mayor of DSCC this morning (20 March 2017) at Nagar Bhaban to convey deep concerns regarding on-going development and face-lifting works at Dhaka New Market. Hon'ble Mayor gave a patient hearing and expressed his unanimity with the spirit of IAB members in preserving the dignity of this landmark of the city. DSCC is not involved with this work and Hon'ble Mayor gave instructions to his office right away to take necessary measures to put all works on hold until further instruction. DSCC will very soon contact the shop owners association, the initiators of this development work, and will arrange a joint meeting together with IAB officials in order to determine an appropriate guideline for any development deemed necessary at the Dhaka New Market. Ar. Abu Sayeed M Ahmed, Imm. Past President IAB, Ar. Mubashhar Husain, Past President IAB and Ar. Qazi M Arif, General Secretary IAB were also present in the meeting along with Mr. Billal Husain, CEO, DSCC.
IAB sincerely appreciates its members who pointed out this critical issue on the Social Media and who participated in the discussion with valuable comments & suggestions thereafter, and strongly hopes the issue be dealt with the utmost seriousness and importance by the Dhaka South City Corporation as taken over by Hon'ble Mayor.