Open Architectural Design Competition for the Design of IEB Convention Center at Ramna, Dhaka

A convention, in the sense of a meeting, is a gathering of individuals who meet at an arranged place and time to discuss or engage in some common interest. Everyone who comes for a meeting gets the knowledge and networking opportunities they’re looking for.

In Bangladesh Convention center is a new concept. This distinct building type and functions can add a unique value and dimension to create a new spirit of Bangladeshi architecture. Now a day it is more than a venue for large conventions and events.  As the region’s premier gathering place, it is where local meetings, banquets, educational, cultural, religious, commercial, and social functions are held for all the members of our community. Convention centers should not only create revenue for a city but improve life for the residents who live there, connect with the community, and integrate within the life of the city.

Dhaka, is a blend of old and new architectural trends; it's a throbbing, chaotic city, a center of industrial, commercial, cultural, educational, and political activity. It is now being a melting pot of cultures and boasting a burgeoning middle class, is the pertaining place for those looking for convention centers for large scale business meetings, wedding celebrations and other major events.The import of these events is not just restricted to the boost in the economy resulting from the particular events held but it also galvanizes the convention and allied industries in the country and increases the prominence of the country as a convention destination, thereby increasing the overall number of international events taking place in the country.

IEB has been promoting and disseminating knowledge and practice of engineering and science. It has also been working relentlessly to establish close and co-operation with the other professional bodies both in Bangladesh and outside the country. Now IEB is planning to develop a project named “IEB convention center” which can involve in the development and operation of convention, conference, and civic centers for generating and maximizing the professionals benefits such as sales, jobs, taxes, etc.. within the country, region and for local community improvement.

Pls download the detail documents :

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