History of IAB

Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) established on February 25, 1972 in Dhaka, immediately after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. The Institute of Architects Bangladesh is a professional institute to safeguard, promote and develop the profession of architecture in Bangladesh. The members of the Institute of Architects are morally bound to practice the profession according to rules, regulations and ethics established by the IAB. It has the mandate of its members to represent6 them as the supreme authority to deal with any matter related to the profession of architecture in Bangladesh. The Institute is run by a fifteen member Executive Council that the Fellows and the Members elect for a two year term.

Membership Strength

There are 6 categories of membership, namely Honorary Fellow, Honorary Member, Fellow, Member, Associate Member and Student Member. Only Fellow and Member have voting rights. The current membership strength of the Institute of Honorary Member 02, Fellow 440, Member 981, Associate Member 1636, Student Member 97.

Financial Resource

Funds of IAB are raised from the following sources:
a) Admission Fees and Annual Subscription of the members.
b) Fund raising activities such as sponsorship, building material exhibition, publication etc.
c) Financial Grant from the Government through the Ministry of Housing and Public Works.

Every year the Treasurer of the Institute prepare a budget, which the Executive Council approves. The Treasurer is also responsible for preparation of the audited accounts (Income and Expenditure) and the Balance Sheet, which are approved by the Executive Council before they are presented at the Biennial General Meeting.


The Biennial General Meeting (Bi-AGM) is held once in every two years to consider and adopt the yearly accounts and balance sheet and the general reports of the Executive Council. Election of the subsequent Executive Council is held in the Bi-AGM. As and when necessary, Extra-ordinary General Meetings are convened to transact any specific or urgent business. The last Bi-AGM was held on December, 2016, when the election for the 22nd Executive Council was held.

Legal Status of the Institute

The Institute is registered with the Government as a Society under provision of law and hence lAB has a legal basis in the country (Registered Society number of lAB: S-1816(105)/97 Govt. of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh). Government of Bangladesh recognizes lAB as the only organization to represent architects of the country.

Legal Status of the Architect

The title "Architect" is not yet protected by law. However, Dhaka and Chottogram Mohanagar Imarot (Nirman, Unnoyon, Shongrokkhon 0 Oposharon) Bidhimala 2008 formulated under Building Construction Act 1952, defines and recognizes Architect as a person who after completing a 5 year B.Arch degree, is a member of lAB and is entitled to sign building plans submitted with the respective building authorities.

Similar definition of Architect i.e Architect who is a Member of lAB, has been incorporated in the proposed updated version of the Bangladesh National Building Code 2014 and the proposed Dhaka Mohanagar Imarot (Nirman, Unnoyon, Shongrokkhon 0 Oposharon) Bidhimala 2014. Ono these documents are approved, the definition of "Architect" will be further strengthened. 

International Affiliations

lAB is affiliated with the following international architectural bodies:
UIA: Union of International Architects
CAA: Commonwealth Association of Architects
ARCASIA: Architects Regional Council for Asia
SAARCH: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation of Architects 

Resources of the Institute

a) The Institute has an acre of land allocated by the Government in Agargaon, Dhaka, on which the construction of lAB Center is completed. The Prime Minister of the Government inaugurated the IAB Centre.

b) The present office of the Institute is at Plot 11, Road 7, Block-E, Agargaon, She-e-Banglanagar, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.

c) The institute has a library, with more than 500 books, reports and journals. 


Association of Architects
Architects Regional Council Asia

Commonwealth Association of Architects
Union International Des Architects

Mailing Address

IAB Centre, Plot-11, Road-7, Block-E, Agargaon Sher-E-Banglanagar, Dhaka.


Tel: +88028181180, +88028181181

Email: mail@iab.com.bd

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