History of IAB

Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) was established on February 25th, 1972 in Dhaka, following independence in 1971. The urbanization trends of the post the Second World War, and independence in 1971 brought new challenges, both contextual and economic in the field of architecture.

Traditionally buildings were built by craftsmen with limited resources. Solutions were time-tested, simple and straightforward. Depending heavily on natural lighting and ventilation, design responses were derivatives of ground realities. Professional engineers, (civil engineers) were engaged and buildings were designed strictly on down-to-earth utilitarian basis.

In 1961 the first school of architecture brought new visions and approaches to design. Presently there are three government and eight private universities producing nearly 500 architects a year. About 1500 architects practicing in the country are products from this educational system of which 90% are members of IAB. The members of IAB are committed to practice the profession according to rules and regulations established by the IAB. It has the mandate of its members to represent them as nationally and internationally and to speak for the profession on their behalf. The Institute is run by a fifteen-member Executive Council, elected by the General Members for a two year term.

Being a more than 40 years old organization, Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) has brown into a body of more than 2000 members. In the last two decades numerous architectural institutions have come into being which subsequently produced a handful of Professionals and called for a substantial modifications in the Constitution of the Institute to cope with the present and contemplated future demands. The amended Constitution has been passed through an Extra Ordinary General meeting and finally got approval from Register of Joint Stock Companies & Firms of Bangladesh in May 2013.

The Bi-annual Election to select the office bearers for the newly formed IAB 20th Executive Council (earlier Executive Committee) of members held in July 2013.


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