Manual of Procedure for Selection of Architects

The importance of architects for building projects cannot be overstated. Design and construction of a building from its inception to its final realization are an exciting experience. The key person in such a process is the architect, whose selection merits serious consideration.

To avoid misunderstanding the client and the architect must establish a rapport and must clearly define the responsibilities &f both the parties. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the architect to present a copy of the "Guidelines for Selection of Architects" and/or "Scope of Services, Conditions of Engagement and Minimum Scale of Professional Fees" to the prospective client. The prospective clients are required to carefully read the document. The need and expectation of the client require personal attention based on mutual relationship of trust and confidence. The architect must be one of good standing having artistic and technical ability to analyze and address the client's needs as well as have to be professionally competent.

Among the numerous traits of character an architect should possess is the integrity and strong commitment to the profession. In this respect a young talented professional may be rated at par with architects having a wealth of experience. Experience in case of individual architects or size in case of consulting firm alone may not be enough to assure designs of quality and creativity. It is the professional responsibility of architects to keep abreast of development and advancement in architecture and related disciplines.

Generally there are two methods of selection, each having some specific objectives. They are:
Depending on the nature of a project, it is for the client to decide on the method of selection. Individual clients undertaking small projects normally use Direct Method while government and organizations sponsoring large complex projects favor the Comparative Method.


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